EKZ Cochem

Shopping Center Cochem

On a plot above the town and county seat of Cochem the design concept provides for the development of the area with the erection of a shopping center in creatively-related building groups. The grounds are characterized by the facades of the individual shops forming a generously designed arch. The main entrance in the middle gives the ensemble its distinguishing look. Here the shops are also developed on the lower level. The foyer and the mall, which encompasses ca. 20 retail shops and two “magnet” anchor shops, one at each end, are friendly and bright. Large glass surfaces and moderate advertising ensure the attractive way it looks.

The design of the facade facing the customer as he or she enters the center is enlivened by the gradated heights as well as regularly protruding round building components and curved rooflines at the mall entrances on the sides. On the side facing the parking lot there is a steel-aluminum facade, carried out in part in a post-and- beam construction. For the enclosed facade parts the cladding will be carried out with sheets of cement asbestos and stucco surfaces. By structuring the facade markedly with jutting and receding areas, it gains rhythm. In places where the facade lengths exceed a measure of 30 m in length, its structuring is achieved by an appropriate arrangement of the roof lines and a corresponding change of material.

The facades of the two large units (the magnet anchor stores) have been created in a more unified manner, clad with large-surface slabs, and with large individual windows.

The corresponding uniform materials are used as well for the three buildings beyond Weingartenstrasse Street. This also applies to the roof forms, and here as well a lively roof landscape has been created that bears reference to the structured facades. They are essentially inclined, partially as single pent roofs.