Produkstionshalle Schunk

Production Hall Schunk

The Schunk Ingenieurkeramik GmbH in Willich needed a new 6,000 m² production hall as an extension of their existing production facilities. The new and existing building should be in close proximity to each other – in functional as well as in terms of technical equipment, so that a separating fire wall could be avoided. Through a combination of smoke and heat vents, air intakes and smoke barriers a fire area of 16,000 m² including the new building was built. During construction all technical equipment for the operation of the stoves had to be moved without interruption.

The production building was connected to the power station through extensive line installations for energy supply and cooling for the ceramic fuel stoves both under the base plate as well as in the room. The total demand of energy in the hall could be reduced by using the waste heat of the kilns for the underfloor heating.