Pharmaceutical Logistics

Together with the client company that placed the building order, we developed a systemized construction to use as a standardized building type for numerous branch offices across the country. The external form reveals and emphasizes the corporate identity of the company. The job was to meet the exceedingly high demands placed on lasting details and construction materials.

The buildings must make it possible – even when intensively used – to operate under conditions of the utmost cleanliness, not only in terms of appearance, but also according to standards of hygiene. A large administrative wing affords space on its upper floor to conduct training seminars for customers who are being introduced to company operations at the same time.

Between the areas for incoming goods, waste removal, and the processing of returns on the one side and for outgoing goods on the other side, the large warehouse and commission hall is located, half of which is spanned by a platform that serves to increase the usable surface space.

An expansion by ca. 50 percent had been projected from the very start. A room with almost no interior columns was created with the help of large spans of only rarely placed piers and pre-stressed concrete girders. The façade of micro lined panels and bands of windows was structured with a two-story entrance lobby and highlighted by a corresponding green area.