Packaging Logistics

In the form of a BLACK BOX, the new building symbolizes the flexibility of the user.

The BLACK BOX is the cybernetic system, the machine in which the processes of the company run.

GOODS constitute the communication flow. The monitoring consists of the diverse processes of storage, printing, packing, sorting, personifying, maintaining, cleaning, and shipping.

A narrow facade grid serves as a flexible and economical outer wall construction and correspondingly, there is an extremely broad interior grid structure with pre-stressed concrete bridge girders.

The BLACK BOX is dark in color, alternating between anthracite-black bronze and coffee brown. The construction grid of the facade is distinguished by its fine silver frame of stainless steel struts in the form of slender half-diamonds bordered by a stainless steel horizontal bar on the attic story. Within this silver frame lie the partially closed elements, dark delivery bay doors, dark windows, and emergency exists.

The administration integrated into the overall form of the building is the only thing that is clearly emphasized. It is accented by large blocks of windows placed before the building on both of the upper floors, giving the building a particular clarity and strength on the entrance facade. Facing the loading courtyard is an office for the company board and a conference room with a loggia cutting generously into the facade. The grid is perceptibly continued across the entire facade surface and thus, formulates the close connection between the work done in the warehouse and the work done in the administration.

The side with the truck bay is rendered quietly in its dark color of the facade panels and the doors, the appearance of the doors being quite restrained. By combining the “sandwich wall elements”, made of durable and economical facade material, with the expensively shining steel struts, the building takes on a fitting appearance.