Warenverteilzentrum KEUCO

Goods Distribution Center KEUCO

For the bathroom manufacturer KEUCO in Hemer, we built a single-story Goods Distribution Center that is clearly divided into four sections and different building heights:

The storage warehouse for pallets and small parts has a flat roof and a building height of 12.5m. The commission and packing areas as well as the office, service and convenience room tracts have a building height of about 8.75m, and also display a flat roof. Shipping, incoming and outgoing goods has a vaulted arc-segment roof with a crown height of 12.0 m and has been covered with profiled aluminum sheeting.

The rising warehouse structure has been carried out in a steel framework construction respectively in the silo building style. The outside walls consist of aerated concrete, and are structured by vertically arranged bands of windows. The outside wall of the shipping-read has glass walls as high as the room.