Kommissionierhalle beeline

Commission Hall beeline

For the beeline company headquarters in Cologne, manufacturers of costume jewelry, a new warehouse and commission hall were designed, with an eye to future expansion, projected to take place in several stages.

A pure, white building now stands in the midst of an old industrial environment. The new building glows like a diamond in the rough, signalizing the change taking place at this location. The purist architecture is white and restrained in terms of its stylistic language. By lining up the autonomous building components systematically, each additional building measure taken seems in itself complete, while lending itself easily to further supplementation each time.

Broadly spanning steel arches determine the clear and column-free interior of the building. This facilitates its adaptability for subsequent changes in its use. Concerning each respective expansion measure, a connecting building will be placed between each of the main buildings. The serial order of the buildings is recognizable in each case. The new foundations are independent of previous phases of construction.

The wall, in which the bays for incoming and outgoing goods are located, has been rendered in a dark color, thus creatively integrating the black door seals. This dark wall stands under the arch of the roof construction, framed by glass and looking like a door with glazed side panels and a transom window above.

The lateral outside walls may be dismantled into separate elements in the event of later changes in function. Horizontally staggered rows of windows distribute light evenly throughout the entire warehouse, while playfully emphasizing the length of the building.

The central part of the roof is glazed. The photovoltaic systems integrated into the glass mean that only diffuse light is filtered softly into the building, ensuring that heat radiation into the room is reduced.